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Hyundai 45 EV teaser shows a retro-inspired concept

The concept will preview future Hyundai design, and it looks good so far.

Hyundai 45 electric concept car teaser

Electric cars can look cool.


Hyundai is looking to the past for its latest design inspiration and the automaker provided a first look at the electric concept car scheduled for a debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Dubbed the Hyundai 45, the company said the overall design previews the direction the South Korean brand will take its styling in the years to come. This teaser image comes just about a week after Hyundai said it would use the Frankfurt Motor Show as the backdrop to a new electric-car concept.

Previously, the company said the design will reflect a focus on driver personalization, which Hyundai believes will increase in the future. The automaker added that the concept is also the next step in Hyundai's "sensuous, sportiness" design language. This ethos influenced the upcoming Sonata, and so far, it's been a very good thing for the brand's vehicles overall in my opinion.

Taking a gander at the sole photo doesn't tell us too much, but it does have a somewhat retro feel to it. That's on purpose, actually. The automaker said the 45 concept takes nods from the first car it produced in 1975: the Pony. Like the Pony, the 45 seems to have a tall and wedgier shape around the rear window, but the finer elements hardly mimic the brand's original model.

Individual LED lights appear to make up the taillight shape and the typical Hyundai badge is gone. Instead, the "Hyundai" name resides on the right of the rear fascia. Fender flares also appear to come to a point from the rear angle and "45" seems illuminated on a rear valence.

While the 45 concept will likely be the star of the show, Hyundai also plans to give us a look at its future electric race car and the new i10. We'll be on the ground with the latest from the show when Hyundai takes the sheets off on Sept. 10.

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