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Hyundai 45 electric concept shows off more of its retro hatchback shape

The design is meant to recall the very first production Hyundai, and it looks good.

Hyundai 45 electric concept car teaser
Digging it, Hyundai.

Electric cars don't need to look boring. Not at all. We've started to see this from many automakers -- they're taking advantage of flat floors and the lack of an internal combustion engine to reimagine design. While style is always subjective, so far it looks like the Hyundai 45 concept is a real home run.

The South Korean automaker published a second teaser image to its global Twitter account ahead of the 45's debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. No added details were made public, but we do get a much better look at the car's shape. It also gives away the fact this is a hatchback and not a sedan or SUV.

The 45 concept is meant to preview Hyundai's future design direction in the years to come for electric cars, and if we take it at face value, we're in for a lot of retro looks. The wedgey shape and minimal lines is meant to recall the first production Hyundai, the Pony. Indeed, the Pony was a fairly streamlined thing with a wedged hatchback at the rear. It appears Hyundai has captured the look well from the teasers. The lack of wild design lines from the teasers also evokes a Mazda look, especially when taking in the latest 3 hatchback -- not that it's a bad thing in the slightest.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motorsport was also busy building hype for its electric race car, also set for debut in Frankfurt. A quick video evoking "Frankenstein" shows a mad Hyundai scientist yearning for more power. After snapping in a few plugs, the electric race car comes to life, though we're not treated to a good look at the vehicle, just a sheet thrown over the final product.

We'll see 45 and the unnamed electric race car debut next week alongside the latest i10 subcompact car. Stay tuned.

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