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Hyperloop One teases Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes

A day ahead of its November 8 launch, a YouTube video boasts that the rapid-fire transportation system can cut an hour train journey to a 12-minute straight shot.

Redditors want to make this rendering a reality.

Prepare yourself for some serious whiplash. A trip that takes over two hours on the bus and an hour on high-speed rail will take only 12 minutes, according to Hyperloop One's teaser video, which bolted out of the gate a day ahead of its November 8 launch in the United Arab Emirates.

While it won't be faster than a speeding bullet, the Hyperloop One is said to clock a top speed of 760mph (1,200 km per hour). The high-tech transportation system -- a route is basically one long tube - gains its speed from lightweight, carbon fiber capsules fitted with sensors to help monitor safety and stability in real-time.

Last May, the company showed off its propulsion system in the Nevada desert, where a metal sled shot along a short track at a rough acceleration of zero to 53 miles per hour in a single second.

Still in its early stages, Hyperloop One's founders and friends (which include Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX) foresee it as the next revolution in high-speed transport, potentially replacing trains and planes for ground travel between long distances. San Francisco to New York in a little over 4 hours? Sign me up.