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Hunting for yetis in a Skoda Yeti: Our week on Instagram

I wish I'd made that up, but no, that was Carfection's whole week.

Today's my birthday. I'm not going to put much effort into this. Welcome back to my weekly plea for you to follow Carfection and Roadshow on Instagram.

Carfection had what must be the stupidest and coolest week at the same time. Alex traveled all the way to Bhutan, a tiny country in the Himalayas, in order to look for a yeti while behind the wheel of a Skoda Yeti. I wish I were making this up, but no, it was a very real trip. Sadly, no yetis were found, aside from the cars, which I'm told were very nice.

As for Roadshow, we didn't do any yeti hunting this week, which immediately makes our week less cool than Carfection's. But we did do plenty of stuff with other cars! Ol' Jonny Wong spent some time with Audi's refreshed S3 sedan, Paukert drove the Prius Prime for a little bit, and Emme went to check out VW's new Atlas. Tim had the best week of us all, though, flying to California to drive the new Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan.