Hummer H1 and H2 on BBC's 'Top Gear'

My favorite snarky Brit Jeremy Clarkson tries out the Hummer H1 and H2, and gives us his undiluted opinion on the soon-to-be-gone SUV line.

Gary Spencer

Hummer has been fairly newsworthy lately as General Motors has announced its plans to discontinue the SUV line and sell it off to a Chinese machinery manufacturer, and lately I've been dedicating a few blogs to the Hummer as GM plans to pull the plug on the Hummer brand. And as you may know I've become quite the fan of the popular BBC TV program "Top Gear." So I thought we'd have a little more fun with the blog with today's video featuring sharp-tongued host Jeremy Clarkson taking a spin in not one but two Hummer models: the H1 and the H2. It's a couple of years old, but what the heck, it's Jeremy Clarkson, it's "Top Gear," and you know it'll be fun and educational.

In this clip we join Clarkson as he begins the video driving probably the ugliest H1 I've ever seen. Fear not, though: he takes as many potshots at this atrocity on wheels as possible, and shows its lack of versatility by training to drive it down a narrow London lane. But then Clarkson gets behind the wheel of the H2, and he seems to like this one better. If you like biting humor with your car specs, then "Top Gear" is your show. Enjoy.