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How to be a smarter driver

CNET's The Fix takes it to the road to show you how you can soup up your car using tech you already own.

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In this week's episode of The Fix, we're looking at a few ways your phone can improve your driving experience, and maybe even make you a better driver.

It all starts with Dash . Hit the road with me as I show you how to use an app that makes your car smarter by revealing info like fuel economy, check-engine light diagnoses, and other engine diagnostics. It's cheap, easy to use, and might even help you kick some of those bad driving habits.

Then Donald shares a dead-simple DIY that lets you mount your phone in your car so that you can easily view directions or your Pandora controls. And it's all using things you probably have at home.

Finally, Eric shares a few ways you can make better use of Siri with voice commands that are especially useful on the road.