How-to: Basic car stereo installation

CNET Car Tech shows you the basics of car stereo installation.

tools and harnesses
View the basic car stereo installation tutorial. Antuan Goodwin/CNET Car Tech

Installing a car stereo can be a scary thing, but with a little preparation and patience it doesn't have to be difficult at all. In this photo slide show, we show you how to handle what is usually the first, and most basic, upgrade to a car's audio system: installing a new receiver.

While the details of car stereo installation may vary from vehicle to vehicle and between different receiver models, the basics are typically the same. Most installs only require simple hand tools, with the only special items necessary being a wire stripper.

For purposes of this walkthrough, we'll be using twist caps, a very temporary method of connection that is suitable for Car Tech testing purposes. Our stereos typically don't live in the vehicle for more than a week at a time. For your more permanent installation, we'd recommend soldering your connections.

View the basic car stereo installation tutorial.