How did it take until 2017 for a truck to sport RV-matching paint?

The 2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn now comes with a paint job meant to match your RV's paint job.

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There must be at least one person out there who wants a truck painted to match a recreational vehicle, right?

Ram just released an advancement in truck paint that, surprisingly, had not been done before. Its new color, RV Match Walnut Brown, is pretty self-explanatory -- its body is painted to match the brown used on a number of RVs, "including premium fifth-wheel models," Ram says, which sounds like it would be a total deal breaker if it weren't mentioned.

2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn RV Match Brown
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2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn RV Match Brown

The brown is limited to the lower portion of the truck, so your truck won't totally match your RV. That would be too much, clearly.


It's actually not even a paint color, so much as it is a secondary paint color. The RV-matching paint is applied as one half of a two-tone job that covers the lower body, wheel flares, bumpers and running boards. Nine main paint colors are available, including black, green, white, blue and red. Silver remains available as a secondary tone, as well.

The paint job is available on the Laramie Longhorn, which is the automaker's fanciest trim. Other accouterments on the Laramie Longhorn include polished wheels and a full leather interior. Then again, with a starting price of $49,675 for the least expensive Laramie Longhorn (1500, 4x2), you'd better get some gussied-up trim.

I'm scratching my head, wondering why this hasn't been available before right now. Maybe customers didn't request it frequently enough, or perhaps if an owner could afford both a new truck and a recreational vehicle, they just went and had the truck painted whatever color they wanted.

Either way, it's a clever ploy to draw in RV owners, who might have pondered a different brand before Ram's new offering.