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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels RC cars fast enough for vertical loop

Hot Wheels is launching its Nitro Speeders RC cars this Fall, featuring a Mustang, Camaro, and Fiesta rally car.

Nitro Speeder Camaro
The Nitro Speeder Camaro doesn't look much like the real thing. Hot Wheels

Joining its line of Stealth Rides from last year, Hot Wheels is launching a new line of tiny RC cars, the Nitro Speeders. These toy cars go up to 8.3 mph, which Hot Wheels says is equivalent to 600 mph in the cars' 1/87th scale. That speed will let the cars handle a vertical loop track.

Nitro Speeders will come in three models: a Mustang, a Camaro, and Ken Block's Fiesta rally car. But these models are not designed for authenticity, being approximations of the real cars.

Similar to the Stealth Rides, the Nitro Speeders store and charge up power in a compartment of their remote control units. The controls feature separate steering and forward/reverse switches.

Hot Wheels will make the Nitro Speeders available for $27.99 this fall.