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Honda's awesome Urban EV Concept gets sporty follow-up in Tokyo

Or, how Honda got its groove back.


Honda wowed the crowd in Frankfurt when it unveiled the fun little Urban EV Concept. But that was not a one-off, and what's coming next seems even cooler than what we've already seen.

At the Tokyo Motor Show in late October, Honda will unveil the Sports EV Concept, for which it's issued a teaser. The teaser only gives off a little bit of the car's shape. The taillights are pretty similar to the Urban EV Concept, but the sides are way curvier, giving this coupe a pretty shapely form.

I like where this is going.


Honda didn't say anything else about the Sports EV Concept, so we're left living in Guesstimation Land until late October, when Tokyo's press days kick off. But it's not a stretch to assume that this new concept will share many of its bits with the previous one.

Honda promised that the Urban EV Concept would be a sign of things to come. It packs old-school hatchback looks with a new battery-electric powertrain. The emblems light up, which Honda promises will be a staple of future vehicles, and there are exterior screens that can display messages or charging status. Both rows of seats are bench seats, and there are screens scattered all around the interior.

Many accused Honda of losing its mojo over the last few years. But with the US debut of the Civic Type R, a new sporty Accord and now these concepts, it's clear Honda is settling back into the groove that made the automaker so popular with enthusiasts to begin with.