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Honda's 2018 Odyssey teasers prove it's a minivan for the kids

I was not allowed to publish this with my original headline: "Honda uses child labor to preview 2018 Odyssey."

2018 Honda Odyssey Teaser Scribble

Chrysler won't be the only automaker with a brand spanking new minivan in 2017. Honda will unveil the 2018 Odyssey at the Detroit auto show in January, and to tease it, the automaker called in a little help -- literally.

For what it's worth, Honda did include an actual teaser of the 2018 Odyssey, but it was hidden in a thicket of children's drawings. Honda's Odyssey development team called upon their children to draw pictures of the new minivan, and it's safe to say these teasers don't give anything away, unless you were worried that it wouldn't come with doors or wheels.

Hey, no fair -- this child used a computer!


The actual teaser offers a bit more. There's a floating D-pillar, which is becoming a hot design item. The taillights are wildly different from the previous model, with a look that's about as futuristic as the taillights on the new Civic. And, thankfully, it will have both doors and wheels, because we can't replace those features. Not yet, at least.

Honda promises that the 2018 Odyssey will feature new powertrains and a whole host of new features. I'm not sure what that alludes to, but answers will arrive in the form of a minivan on January 9, 2017.

I can't imagine this front end conforms to federal standards regarding pedestrian safety.


I hope the rainbow-door option makes it to production.