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Honda will lease you a Clarity Fuel Cell car for $369 per month

Want to get into fuel cells? The lease includes $15,000 of hydrogen, rental cars and roadside assistance. The catch: You'll need to be in California.


When Honda's Clarity Fuel Cell goes on sale later this year, it will not only have the longest range of any zero-emissions vehicles available, but also be a really affordable way to get into a fuel-cell vehicle. To go along with its EPA estimated 366 miles of range, the $369 per month lease deal will sweeten the Clarity's appeal, which undercuts the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell's $499 per month deal.

Honda's 36-month lease term requires $2,499 plus the first month's lease payment at signing. Included with the lease is $15,000 of hydrogen fuel over the three years, 20,000 miles annual mileage allowance, 21 days of an Avis luxury rental car and roadside assistance.

Without sufficient hydrogen fueling infrastructure outside of California, the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell will only be available in the Golden State through one of Honda's 12 approved fuel cell vehicle dealerships.

What's the most affordable lease for a fuel cell vehicle? That would be the Toyota Mirai that chimes in at $349 per month. Its 312-mile range is short of the Clarity's 366, and lease terms only include a mileage allowance of 12,000 per year.