Honda Urban EV Concept is a neo-retro hatch of awesomeness

Here's proof that every EV doesn't need to look like some junk from "Minority Report."

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Some electric vehicle concepts are so futuristic, their looks distract from the tech underneath. The Honda Urban EV concept is not that kind of electric concept. It's way better.

Honda promises that the Urban EV Concept will be a sign of things to come, and that sign points directly to the automotive equivalent of Flavortown. It's a beautiful hatchback with proportions that pay homage to old-school hatches of yore, like the CRX and the Mk.I Volkswagen Golf.

Retro style meets tomorrow's tech in Honda's Urban EV concept

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It's a tiny little guy, too, its length measuring some 3.9 inches shorter than the current Honda Fit. Out back, there's a light-up Honda emblem, which the automaker promises will be a staple of its future EVs. Up front, there's a digital display in the front bumper that can show messages in a variety of languages, but its most sensible purpose is an easy readout of charging status.

Inside, there are two bench seats, with seating for four. The interior is a very warm place, thanks to lots of wood and natural fabric throughout the interior. The seatbelts in the back row are anchored in the middle of the seat, so they don't get in the way when the car's suicide doors open up. If you're keen on screens, you'll love the positively massive infotaiment screen that spans nearly the entire width of the car. Instead of traditional rearview mirrors, cameras send video to screens built into the door panels.

While there's no timeline on when Honda will build a production version of this, here's hoping that it happens in the very near future.