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Honda teases TrailSport off-road-focused trim level

The first models to wear that badge will look -- not be -- tougher, but that could change in future model years.


Honda has plans to get dirty with its light truck and SUV range.


Toyota has its TRD line, GMC has AT4, Ford has the Tremor and now, according to an announcement made on Tuesday, Honda is getting an off-road-focused trim package with its forthcoming TrailSport line.

What exactly is TrailSport? Well, according to Honda, it's the brand's off-road halo trim for its light truck range (Ridgeline, Passport, etc.) and it will add increased off-road capabilities as well as a more rugged look to models that bear the Trailsport designation. That all sounds cool, but the "more capable" part isn't coming straightaway.

Instead, the first TrailSport models will primarily benefit from an appearance package. Honda says this will include new front and rear styling with durable (read: black plastic) cladding and some interior tweaks like orange stitching and all-weather mats. A Ridgeline Raptor this is not.

Still, the possibilities are exciting. Honda already does an extremely brisk trade in highly specialized and super capable off-road vehicles; only most of them have two wheels (except the side-by-sides like the gnarly Talon R). The know-how is there; Honda just has to use it.

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