Honda teases new Fit Sport model, highlights safety tech

Ahead of its July launch, Honda revealed its 2018 Fit hatchback will offer a new Sport trim along with adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

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2018 Honda Fit Sport

Honda adds a Sport trim to the Fit line for the 2018 model year, but no word yet on performance improvements.


Honda highlighted a few of the improvements we will see next month when it launches the 2018 model year Fit. This versatile hatchback, currently in its third generation, gets a new trim line and safety tech, but no word yet on support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

In a press release, Honda notes styling for the Sport trim, but doesn't suggest performance improvements. The company says that its Honda Sensing advanced safety package, which includes adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, will now be available on the Fit.

Advanced safety technologies, which typically use camera and radar sensors to prevent crashes, increasingly find their way into less expensive cars. Toyota has said it will make its own Toyota Safety Sense package of technologies, which includes lane departure warning and automated precollision braking, standard on all of its cars, setting a standard for the rest of the industry. These technologies can help prevent many types of collisions. 

The Fit already offers the Honda LaneWatch blind-spot monitor system, which shows a camera view down the right side of the car. Safety Sense will add automated braking when the car detects an imminent collision; adaptive cruise control, which automatically matches speeds with slower traffic ahead; and lane-keeping assist, which turns the steering slightly to keep the car in its lane. Safety Sense will be available as an option on the Fit's LX and Sport trims, and come standard on the EX trim.

Honda notes the cosmetic features of the Fit Sport will include aero features, such as a front splitter and rear diffusor. There is no word on performance improvements to the Fit's 130 horsepower four-cylinder engine for the Sport trim. 

The company remains quiet on improvements to the Fit's dashboard electronics, although it promises more information about new features before the car's launch. The current generation of the Honda Civic sports a new touchscreen head unit that supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This sort of tech update would be a welcome improvement for the Fit.

2018 Honda Fit EX

Honda makes adaptive cruise control available on the Fit for the 2018 model year.