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Honda teases Civic Hatch for Paris, even though it already debuted

They seem to assume we can't remember things that happened four weeks ago.

2017 Honda Civic

As we move closer to the Paris Motor Show, we're seeing more and more automaker teasers rolling out. But never before have I seen a company tease a car that's already been unveiled. Yet, Honda did exactly that with its Civic Hatchback teaser image.

The European version of the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback will debut in Paris this month. Trouble is, the new Civic is a global car, so what we get here in the States is basically a carbon copy of the European model. The US-spec Civic Hatch debuted about four weeks ago, making the new teaser kind of pointless.

Of course, there are a few region-specific changes. Europeans don't have to deal with pesky orange front reflectors, so those won't be present. Certain countries also drive on the left side of the road, so the wheel's probably going to be on the right. The plates are probably larger, too. Wild!

In order to save you from dying of anticipation, I hopped into my totally legal copy of Adobe Photoshop CC, flipped the US-spec Civic on its horizontal axis and removed the side markers. And there you have it -- a Civic Hatch with the wheel on the right and no markers. I just saved you a trip to Paris. You're welcome. Please feel free to mail me the money you would have otherwise spent on a plane ticket.


If you really, really, really must see the new teaser, here you go. I was too lazy to make the other car red.

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