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Honda taps Waymo for self-driving expertise

Honda announced today that it is in discussions with Google spinoff Waymo about incorporating the tech company's self-driving technology in its cars.

Honda announced today that it is exploring a partnership with Google spinoff company Waymo to develop self-driving cars. If the partnership goes through, Honda will incorporate Waymo's self-driving technology in its vehicles.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, announced the creation of Waymo last week, and at the beginning of this week Chrysler said it would be working with the self-driving technology company, and providing it with 100 Pacifica Hybrid minivans.

A red-hot area of research in the automotive industry, self-driving cars show potential to greatly reduce or eliminate the tens of thousands of deaths that occur on US roads every year. This technology may also reduce traffic jams, a major fuel and time waster in US cities. Along with automakers, equipment suppliers, start-ups and big tech companies are all developing self-driving car technology.

Honda noted in a press release that it would look at incorporating Waymo's "sensors, software and computing platform into Honda vehicles."

The partnership would likely begin with Honda vehicles entering Waymo's self-driving car fleet, which will number around 160 when the Pacific Hybrid minivans begin testing.

Previously, Honda said it was aiming to put self-driving cars on highways by 2020. The Waymo partnership could jump-start that effort, and reduce Honda's investment.