Honda wants to help your baby sleep with the sound of a screaming turbo V6

This may seem like an oddball thing for Honda to do, but remember how much money it spent developing Asimo?

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Faced with a cranky baby, most people would be reluctant to reach for a device that reproduces the sounds of more than 30 screaming engines. Honda  does not subscribe to that methodology. The carmaker has made a stuffed sports car toy called the Sound Sitter and that's precisely what it does, as seen in a company video from last month (embedded above) that was spotted Wednesday by PaulTan.org.
The Sound Sitter is a plush car toy designed to look like Honda's classic S600 from the 1960s. Inside it features a Bluetooth speaker that connects to your smartphone and will play recordings of 37 of Honda's most beloved vehicles to try to soothe your angry spawn.

Of all the engines, which include some greats such as the Type R, the and 1966 S800, it turns out that the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 from the current production NSX is the one most likely to lull Junior to sleep. We're not sure if that's a rousing endorsement or a damning criticism.

To determine which Honda babies liked best, the engineers behind the project gave the Sound Sitter to 12 infants for 2 minutes each. The 2018 NSX was successful in visibly calming 11 of the 12 babies, which is pretty impressive. Honda says that it's because the engines make sounds that mimic the frequencies that a baby would hear inside the womb.

We're already starting a letter-writing campaign to see if we can get a Sound Sitter to help calm our hyperactive news editor Andrew Krok. Switching his coffee to decaf last month nearly resulted in a coup.

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