Honda recalls some 2017 Ridgeline pickups for wiring issues

This only affects models with all-wheel drive.

Corroding electrical components can cause all sorts of consternation, and that proves true once again with Honda's latest recall.

Honda issued a recall for approximately 9,200 examples of the 2017 Ridgeline mid-size pickup truck. The affected vehicles all contain Honda's optional all-wheel drive, and feature build dates between April 1 and August 11, 2016.

The issue stems from a wiring harness under the truck bed. There's a connector located under the truck bed's drain hole, and water escaping from the bed has a chance to enter the wiring harness through that connector. If that happens, it may cause terminals to corrode, which may inadvertently trigger the stability control system. That's a safety risk, since it reduces the driver's control of the vehicle without warning.

The remedy is a straightforward one. Dealers will inspect the affected trucks and replace the rear wiring harness and any related components, if necessary, free of charge. It's unclear if the harness will be rerouted so that the bed's drain hole doesn't continue dumping water on it. The recall is expected to kick off around January 24.

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