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Honda recalls 350,000 new Civics for malfunctioning parking brakes

What is it with all these new recalls involving parking brakes?

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

It's been a bad month for parking brakes. Both Toyota and Ford recently issued recalls related to parking brakes, and that number expands by one more today, thanks to Honda.

Honda issued a voluntary recall for approximately 350,000 examples of the 2016 Honda Civic and Civic Coupe over concerns with its parking brake. The electronic parking brake may not apply if the brake is engaged immediately after turning the vehicle off. In that case, the "BRAKE" light will flash for 15 seconds and it won't engage.

This is a problem because a vehicle could roll away if the driver leaves a car thinking the parking brake is applied. The issue was brought to light thanks to some warranty claims, but thankfully, no crashes or injuries have been reported.

The fix is relatively simple -- the dealership only needs to update software, which should take about an hour. In the meantime, owners can ensure the parking brake is applied by engaging the brake before turning the vehicle off. Honda will mail out notifications to owners starting in early November.

If you're concerned that your Civic could be part of this recall, you can head over to Honda's site and enter your VIN to answer that question immediately, instead of waiting for first-class mail to arrive.