Honda readies its new Civic Hatchback for Geneva

The car is apparently a ways off, but it'll still be nice to see Honda's vision for a more capacious five-door variant.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

When Honda debuted its new global Civic, which marks the car's 10th generation, it said there would be three official variants -- sedan, coupe and hatchback. We've seen the first two, and now we'll see the third (in prototype form) in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Of course, seeing the car doesn't mean it'll be arriving in dealerships any time soon. According to Honda, the car won't launch -- at least in Europe -- until "early 2017." Considering it's being produced at Honda's UK manufacturing facility, we'd bet on a slightly later arrival in the States.

The teaser image seen here doesn't give away much, but it does look properly aggressive, with the same design language seen on the Civics sedan and coupe. The center-mounted tailpipes could even hint towards a high-performance model -- both the Si and Type-R models have yet to show their faces. Then again, being a prototype, anything is possible.