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Honda teases new interior design philosophy

The brand's "simplicity and something" theme aims to makes its vehicle cabins more human-centric and less cluttered.

Honda New Interior Design Theme - simplicity
Future Honda interiors should look cleaner and more elegant.

On Monday, Honda introduced its new interior design philosophy: "simplicity and something." This new theme, which is illustrated in a design sketch and a brief video, is all about making cars and trucks more human-centered and less cluttered, admirable goals to be sure.

By eliminating the complexity of its cabins, Honda designers are hoping to enhance the driving experience. This is in keeping with the brand's "Man Maximum/Machine Minimum" principle, which aims to maximize interior space by minimizing the size of a vehicle's mechanical components. Accordingly, the cabins of the company's upcoming vehicles should be cleaner and friendlier than they already are.

Honda designers are aiming to reduce interior clutter and build vehicles with thinner roof pillars, lower cowls and large amounts of glass for better outward visibility -- things that improve driver confidence. In an age when vehicle pillars have practically become larger than an adult torso, trimming them down can only improve the driving experience.

As for the "and something" portion of this automaker's new interior theme, it's all about making drivers and passengers feel happy through delightful design flourishes. Certain materials could elicit this emotion or the knurling pattern applied to a control dial. These are the sort of little touches that can really make a vehicle seem special.

Inside and out, future Hondas should look cleaner and feel better than ever. Hopefully, we'll see this new design philosophy baked into the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic sedan, which is expected to debut soon. For more details about "simplicity and something" make sure to watch the embedded video.