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Honda launches Everus EV brand at Beijing Motor Show

The first vehicle from the new brand is an electric crossover that appears to be based on the HR-V.

It looks like Honda is trying to heat up the Chinese-market electric SUV game with this new Everus EV Concept, which has just debuted at the Beijing Motor Show.

The Everus looks a lot like an HR-V with a new nose, and that's pretty much because it is. That new nose, though, is a good one, even if aesthetics are one of the least important aspects of this concept.

Everus will serve as an electric-only sub-brand for Honda in the highly competitive Chinese market.


The Everus, set to go on sale later this year, is the first Chinese market exclusive mass-production electric vehicle to come from Honda, although interestingly, the car won't be badged as a Honda. Everus seems to be the Chinese electric brand equivalent to Acura.

The car was developed jointly by Honda Motor China Technology and GAC Honda Automobile to compete in China's car market in the face of increasingly stringent emissions regulations. 

Also worthy of note is word that Honda plans to use the Everus as a ride-share vehicle in partnership with Reachstar, a Chinese ride-hailing startup in which it purchased stock last year.