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Derek Fung/CNET

Honda EV-STER takes up where Tesla left off

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda showed its concept EV-STER roadster, a lightweight electric sports car with fast acceleration.

The EV-STER concept uses carbon fiber to shed weight. Derek Fung/CNET

Tesla may be dropping production of its Roadster, but Honda seems to have taken up the gauntlet with this new electric concept.

The EV-STER is a concept electric car unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Like the Tesla Roadster, it is a two-seater with a carbon fiber body to reduce weight, but that is where the similarities end.

Honda claims a range for the EV-STER of only 100 miles, with acceleration timed at 5 seconds to 60 km/h (37 mph).

Styling takes some cues from the CR-Z, with a big dose of futuristic design thrown in. The driver uses a yoke to steer rather than a wheel, and the cockpit has displays geared toward the electric power train.

The driver's seat is of a different color than the passenger seat, a choice we have seen in a few other concept cars recently, suggesting that in the future people will have trouble discerning right from left.

Although it represents no electric power train breakthroughs, the EV-STER concept is exciting in that it shows Honda is actively exploring new electric vehicle types. The company has already promised to put its Fit EV in production next year.

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