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The inside of Honda's Geneva-bound EV is an exercise in simplicity

If only every Honda dashboard looked this clean.

As far as screen-heavy dashboards go, this one's just about perfect.

Honda has already teased the exterior of its coming EV "prototype," a term it uses to describe near-production concepts. Now, we get a look at the inside, and it rules.

Honda has put out another teaser for its EV prototype, which will debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March. The whole thing is marvelous in its simplicity, with a set of horizontal lines, large screens in between and just a few buttons. Even the steering wheel is nice and straightforward: There's a compact airbag, a few controls and not much else.

While the gauge cluster only shows battery-charging status as we zoom in, it's the right side of the dashboard that deserves our attention. The style of the system is similar to Honda's current telematics, featuring gray tiles dashed with color to help delineate content. But unlike current Honda infotainment displays, this one is large enough to have tiles on both the left and right sides. The teaser shows off the EV menus, including charge status and charge scheduling, as well as schedules for heating or cooling the cabin prior to departure.

It's faint, but you can also see a set of climate controls just underneath what few physical buttons exist on the dashboard, and they look pretty close to the controls seen in other modern Hondas. The buttons above that control the infotainment system, and yes, a volume knob is accounted for. There's also a single button that appears to put the car in Park, but I don't see any button for Drive.

We'll see the whole thing in all its glory in just a few weeks at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Keep your eyes on Roadshow in the coming days for all the Geneva content your brain can handle.

Here's a closer look at the right side of the teaser.