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Honda divulges deets on CR-V Hybrid before Frankfurt

It's basically an Accord Hybrid, but taller.


Last week, Honda teased the appearance of a Euro-spec CR-V Hybrid at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But because waiting is for chumps, Honda's already giving out details on its greener crossover.

The Honda CR-V Hybrid may not be shown off until next week, but we already know a fair bit about it. From an aesthetics standpoint, the CR-V Hybrid is pretty similar to the regular CR-V, save for some different wheels and all the "Hybrid" badges scattered about the body.

Yep, that's a CR-V, all right.


Under the skin lies a system similar to what we'll see on the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid. A 2.0-liter, Atkinson-cycle gas engine mates to two electric motors, one of which generates motion, with the other acting as a motor-generator to help keep the battery topped off. It has a single fixed-ratio gear instead of a CVT or traditional torque-converter automatic transmission.

Like other hybrids, it can be driven in EV-only mode, but a smaller battery likely limits its all-electric range. Hybrid Drive mode keeps the car acting like any other hybrid on the road, and an Engine Drive mode uses the electric motor to give the gas engine a "boost" when it needs the maximum available power.

Bear in mind, this only applies to the Euro-spec CR-V Hybrid. There is still no official confirmation that this model will come to the US, but given the similarity to the Accord Hybrid, which will be available here, I have no doubt that Honda will eventually bring the CR-V Hybrid stateside. It's really just a matter of when that will be. 

Still a CR-V from this angle, too.