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Honda drops 'The DT' for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

It might be a cheesy video, but it highlights a simple solution for distracted driving.

How do you get those danged kids off their Snapchat and Instagram when they're behind the wheel heading to Coachella? Relate to them on their level with music.

That's Honda's strategy with "The DT" music video. DT stands for Designated Texter, the person who rides shotgun and provides the driver with text messages, food and directions while the driver has the moderately more important job of keeping everyone in the car alive.

The parody video may be purposefully lame, but it highlights an important issue for Distracted Driving Awareness Month: More things are competing for the driver's attention when they're behind the wheel, which can lead to dire consequences.

For context, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reported that nearly 70 percent of driving accidents in the US over a three-year period involved a distraction. Brian Cooley covered the study in his video; watch it here.