Great news: Honda will sell anyone a Civic Type R crate engine now

The K20C1 crate engine was only available for Honda Racing Line members and teams. Now? Anyone can nab this potent little power plant.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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2020 Honda Civic Type R
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2020 Honda Civic Type R

Swap it in wherever it fits!

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Yes, you read it right: Anyone can now purchase a Honda Civic Type R crate motor. Here's the bad news, though. It's still only available for racing and "off-highway" applications. But, nevertheless, this wonderful engine will be available to more enthusiasts than ever, looking to build their next wild racing machine.

Honda announced the Civic Type R K20C1 engine's expansion on Tuesday, alongside a group of other concepts and news related to the SEMA aftermarket show. The cars include a Civic Si race car from Team Honda Research West, a prototype Civic Si race car from Honda Performance Division, and two concepts showing off HPD parts: a Civic Si-based concept and a Civic hatchback dedicated to the esports team Team Liquid. The former certainly helps make the rather subdued Civic Si look far racier.

Back to the engine, the package comes with an engine long block, alternator, turbocharger and starter motor. In addition, buyers receive a Controls Package with an HPD-tuned ECU, an engine swap harness and an accelerator pedal. Racers, this is your chance to do a very potent K-swap for your next project. Honda wanted to show just how creative folks can get and, to demonstrate, built a 1996 Accord wagon with the K20Ci swapped in. That, my friends, is extremely cool. Do check it out in the gallery below.

Aside from the Civic concepts and the race car, Honda's SEMA display will also include the Passport TrailSport Rugged Roads project vehicle we saw in the past, and a Ridgeline HPD Trail Tour project vehicle as well. For motorcycle fans, an Africa Twin Overload with the latest adventure gear is on show.

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