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Honda builds wacky 'Sonic'-themed Civic for Comic-Con

The car was built to help celebrate the game franchise's 25th anniversary, or perhaps to scare small children.

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You wouldn't want to drive this thing on the street anyhow, not with that insane wheel fitment.


The automotive industry is rife with odd concepts. Some come from the minds of the design teams tasked with building the cars, and others are due to some real strange marketing mash-ups. This new "Sonic Civic," debuting at Comic-Con, is firmly in the latter category.

This strange concoction is meant to honor the 25th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog game franchise. Starting with a Honda Civic Touring sedan, the concept deals only with the aesthetic -- there are no modifications to its 1.5-liter, turbocharged I-4 engine.

The wheels are two different colors for a reason -- the red wheels are meant to emulate Sonic's shoes, whereas the gold wheels represent the gold rings present in classic Sonic games. The body features a vinyl wrap atop a unique paint scheme, with its blue paint representing Sonic's body, or hair, or whatever.

Inside, there are blue leather seats with embroidered Sonic logos, and the trunk is lousy with audio-visual equipment. There are two 500-watt subwoofers, two 400-watt amplifiers, and there's even a floor-mounted, 32-inch television that fans can use to play old-school Sonic titles.

Is it weird? Hell yes. Will it be a hit at Comic-Con? Undoubtedly.

Honda Sonic Civic

This is one seriously busy design.