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Hold my beer: Forza Motorsport launches Nascar expansion pack

For $20, you get 24 cars, a new career mode, a new track and multiplayer modes dedicated to stock-car racing.

Forza NASCAR Expansion

Want to pit your stock car against some open-wheel machines? Not sure why you want to lose that badly, but sure, you can do it.

Turn 10

The latest version of Gran Turismo for the Sony PlayStation features a wide variety of Nascar stock cars. Yet, when Forza Motorsport 6 launched on Xbox One, there were none to be seen. Thankfully, that's being remedied as I type this, as the company has finally announced a Nascar expansion, and for what you pay, you get a ton.

First, the cars. The pack includes 24 different cars from the 2016 seasons, split between five teams -- Chip Ganassi Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, Hendrick Motorsports and Team Penske. Some of the cars are the same cars with different sponsor wraps, but there's still a hearty variety here.

There's also a new career mode, called Nascar World Tour. It won't be limited to stock car racing (although that's in there), as you'll go up against different classes of racecar, from V8 Supercars to Formula E open-wheelers. There are also several new multiplayer "hoppers" for online action, a new rolling start mode, and drafting's been given a working over, as well.

Finally, there's also a new track on offer. Homestead-Miami Speedway is available no matter what car you're driving, whether it's stock cars or Formula 1. Built after Hurricane Andrew decimated Florida, the speedway started out as a rectangular oval (like Indianapolis) before turning into a more traditional, true oval. You can check the expansion out for yourself right now, so long as you own an Xbox One, that is.