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Hitch Theaters hopes to turn your car into a mobile drive-in

Currently on Kickstarter, the project will create a kit that makes deploying a mini theater nice and easy.

Tired of watching movies on road trips using a tiny phone screen, or an in-car entertainment system that still requires you to possess -- gasp -- physical discs? Well, eff that ess, because one startup wants to bring the drive-in experience to wherever you are, using a pretty simple system.

Hitch Theaters is hoping to raise six figures to release its product, which consists of a 122-inch nylon projection screen and a tripod projector stand (projector and speakers not included, natch).

You can use a truck bed as an ersatz couch, or flip the screen around for larger viewing sessions. It's all pretty neat, and relatively straightforward.

Hitch Theaters claims that the whole thing can run on a 12-volt port, a battery pack, a generator or a car's built-in outlet (if you've got one of those). With two weeks left to go, the group is a fair bit shy of its $220,000 goal, and it requires a minimum donation of $330 to receive all parts of the kit. If all goes according to plan -- bear in mind that not all Kickstarter projects deliver as expected -- the company estimates that it will be shipping its product this winter.

(Via Autoblog)