'Hilux Little and Large' pits Toyota pickup against RC truck

If only every car included a diminutive variant.

Comparing a pickup truck to its radio-controlled variant produces absolutely no sage consumer advice. But it sure does look like fun!

Toyota's UK arm put together a web series called "Hilux Little and Large." The premise is easy to understand -- there's a full-size Toyota Hilux pickup, and it does truck stuff alongside a radio-controlled, 1:10-scale Toyota Hilux from Tamiya.

The final video in the series, "Tow," pits the truck against its dinky counterpart on a slalom course. But there's a twist -- each Hilux has a trailer loaded with a Toyota 86. Of course, the RC truck gets to tow an RC car, but a slalom with a trailer is fun to watch no matter the size.

The other videos in the series are similarly adorable. There's a wade-off, muddy drifts and even an attempt to pull the big Hilux using many little ones. We've seen YouTube videos advertising a vehicle's features before, but rarely is it anything like this.