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Highlights: Kickin' off the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

This quick clip gives us a small but notable sample of the many new automobiles being shown off at this year's Tokyo Auto Show.

Although the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show just kicked open its doors for the public this last weekend, industry insiders got a head start on sampling the bevy of automobiles that are debuting. One of these lucky insiders included Alistair Weaver of Inside Line fame, courtesy of Here, Alistair gives us all a teaser on the many new vehicles presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

In this video clip, Inside Line cherry shows a few more cars worthy of Web airtime. While the show seems to be short on American and European brands, there are plenty of interesting production models and concept cars to check out. makes room for a couple of the forward-thinking "E-cars" that will undoubtedly be only available in limited quantities, as well as hybrid cars from Honda, Mitsubishi, and the Subaru that has doors straight out of "Back to the Future." And if you think it's all hippy-dippy cars on parade, wait till you check out the badass Lexus at the end of the clip.