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Highest rated tech cars of 2013 (CNET On Cars, Episode 32)

Revisiting the Veyron, clamping down on DUIs with technology, and the best-rated high tech cars of 2013.

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In this episode:

  • We revisit the Bugatti Veyron in California's wine country.
  • Tour many of the same roads where we shot the Veyron video.
  • Top 5 high tech cars of 2013, according to CNET review scores.
  • Another look at alcohol interlock technology to prevent drunk driving.

After you watch our Car Tech 101 on hemi engines, you may wonder why Chrysler is using them in modern cars where high RPM, compactness, and fuel efficiency are so important. The simple answer is today's Chrysler Hemi isn't really a hemi. Automobile has a good explanation of how today's Hemi engine is more trade name than true hemi.

2014 BMW i3

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