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Here's your first look at Ford's electric DHL delivery van

Each truck could save about five tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.


In June, Ford announced that it would build electric delivery vans for Germany's Deutsche Post DHL Group and its subsidiary, StreetScooter GmbH. It's not even the end of summer, but Ford's already built a bunch.

Ford showed off one of the first early-build electric delivery vans on Wednesday. Called the StreetScooter Work XL, the van starts with a Ford Transit chassis that features a battery-electric drivetrain. The body is designed specifically for delivery through Deutsche Post and DHL Paket in Germany.

Perhaps these silent vans will prevent my dog from freaking out every time I get a package. Probably not, though.


The automaker expects to assemble 150 early-build models in 2017, with a massive ramp-up in 2018 that should see production rise to 2,500 units. The vans will be manufactured at StreetScooter's plant in Aachen, Germany, and like other electric StreetScooter models, it can be sold to third parties.

A modular battery system permits batteries between 30 kWh and 90 kWh, equating to a range between 50 and 124 miles. Charging is expected to take about three hours at 22 kW, which is about one-fifth the power of a Tesla Supercharger. The vans, which will be StreetScooter's largest, can swallow up to 200 packages with their 706-cubic-foot storage capacity.

These electric vans could confer some massive benefits to the environment. Ford estimates that each Work XL can save approximately five metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and approximately 500 gallons of diesel fuel each year. Multiply that by 2,500, and the savings jump to 12,500 metric tons of CO2 and 1.25 million gallons of dino juice. 

It's... a van. I don't know what else you were expecting.