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Here's what to expect from Dodge over the next three years

All-wheel-drive Hellcats and a beefier Durango? Hell to the yes.

Good night, sweet prince.


Every so often, Automotive News starts rubbing its crystal ball, and the resulting prophecies are regurgitated onto the series of tubes that is the internet. This time around, its Future Product Pipeline takes a look at Dodge, and what we should expect from the company over the next three years.

For the most part, the updates are pretty small, with most of the big updates being pushed back as parent company Fiat Chrysler focuses its attention on Jeep and Ram, otherwise known as the only brands making the conglomerate any money. As part of that money-saving effort, we're going to see two vehicles disappear -- the compact Dart and the beast known as the Viper.

Challenger will finally receive all-wheel drive, arriving first in a GT AWD trim this year, followed by an AWD Hellcat in 2017, which Dodge will call the Challenger ADR. Charger will have a few more special editions coming, but it will receive no major updates next year.

Both Charger and Challenger will move to a new platform in 2018, because (fun fact) they're still riding on modified versions of the LX platform, which has existed since the DaimlerChrysler days. They don't like being reminded of that. Dodge is also working on a Barracuda convertible, which will exist on that same, new platform.

As for the more family-friendly offerings, Journey will soldier on until that new platform is available. Grand Caravan will also continue to exist, despite the presence of a much better Chrysler Pacifica, as a fleet-only model. Durango will receive a light retouch next year, and it will finally receive an SRT trim with Dodge's 6.4-liter Hemi V8. And there you have it! It's not a very large brand.

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