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Here's what Tesla's self-driving system sees in real time

Unlike the production version, this Autopilot is capable of true hands-off autonomous driving.

All new Tesla vehicles come with the hardware to support full-on, hands-off autonomous driving, even though it's not yet enabled. But a new video from Tesla now shows us exactly what it will it look like once it's enabled.

The automaker released a video showcasing Autopilot's ability to drive itself around town, responding to stop signs and other traffic, making turns and cruising down the road. The original video was sped up, but Electrek drew our attention to a Tesla fan that produced a video that more closely represents real time.

It's pretty fascinating to watch -- the car drives like a student with a learner's permit, giving its neighbours plenty of extra space and even stopping briefly to make a left turn on a green light to ensure oncoming traffic doesn't do anything funny. There's still a long way to go before Tesla flips this switch for consumer cars, but it's enlightening to see Tesla's machine learning in progress.