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Here's how much the Range Rover has changed since 1970

Spoiler alert: The answer is "a fair bit."

2017 Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic
Active roll bars, a lower ride height and active dampers all add some performance cred.
Land Rover

Few things are inevitabilities in life: There's death, there's taxes, and then there's the continued existence of the Land Rover Range Rover.

The ubiquitous fancy-pants SUV has soldiered on since 1970, and while its off-road capabilities are still impressive, it's become a significantly more posh conveyance over the years. To show just how much its bread-and-butter luxury off-roader has changed, Land Rover released a video looking at the utility vehicle's 46 years of evolution.

Some design elements have stayed the same, like the split tailgate and the "floating roof," which is basically a D-pillar that's always painted black. Other bits have changed, of course, because of changes to crash-test criteria and sways in general buyer preferences.

It's a bit curvier now, and some variants cost as much as a decent house, but the Range Rover is here to stay...especially since buyers absolutely love SUVs right now.