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Here is Bear Grylls skydiving while controlling a Land Rover remotely

Think of how many starving children Land Rover's marketing budget could feed.

Land Rover has an all-new Discovery (née LR4) debuting in Paris later this month. In order to show off one of the Disco's unique features, the company decided to throw Bear Grylls out of a plane and have him fiddle with a smartphone on the way back down to Earth. Oh, to be a person in charge of coming up with this kind of stuff.

The feature is called Intelligent Seat Fold. This option allows Discovery owners to reconfigure the back two rows of seats using Land Rover's InControl Remote app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The seats can change their positions in as little as 14 seconds, Land Rover states.

To showcase this new remote tech, Land Rover told Bear Grylls to change the Disco's seat configuration while skydiving. How he had internet access that high in the sky, I'm not sure. But it worked, and it's one of the more interesting marketing stunts I've seen in some time. There are also switches inside the vehicle that can move the seats, in the event you're not, you know, skydiving.

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