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Her name is Rio and she dances on the stand: Kia heads to Paris

Oh Rio, Rio, dance across the Kia stand.

I'd like to send a shout-out to Duran Duran for making this headline possible.


After last week's dive into both Monterey Car Week and the Woodward Dream Cruise, it might be a little hard to get excited about something as pedestrian as the Kia Rio. But, for Kia, the Rio is huge, as it commands the brand's highest sales. That's why we'll be seeing the next-generation Rio bow in Paris next month.

Kia hasn't given us much information on the fourth-generation Rio, which will likely be a 2017 model when it heads to dealerships. The automaker did, however, release a few renderings of the car ahead of its debut. The automaker's Germany and California design studios were both responsible for whipping this up.

It still looks very much like a Kia, with familiar shapes in the headlights and front fascia. The rear is pretty much your bone-standard hatchback. The interior rendering, though, looks rather new. The infotainment screen gets a quasi-floating look, and the angles are a bit sharper than what you'd find in other modern Kias.

Of course, since it's a drawing, there's a reasonable expectation that the finished product will look much more boring (read: sensitive to cost). We'll know for sure when it debuts at Kia's stand in Paris on September 29.

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