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Henrik Fisker offers a first peek at his wild new EV's front end

At this pace, this is set to be the longest vehicle rollout of all time.

Fisker, Inc. Teaser
Here's the first sketch of Fisker's next car. It looks a bit less wacky than the Karma, which is probably a good thing.
Fisker, Inc.

Famed car designer Henrik Fisker is slowly -- ever so slowly -- teasing details of his company's upcoming electric car. Last week, he teased the car's suicide scissor doors, which he called "butterfly doors." Now, we've got a look at its front end.

Fisker sent out a small teaser image on his Twitter account (which is, weirdly, not verified). Using a bit of Trademarked Photo-Editing Software magic, I brightened it up to show some additional details. It has a low, thin nose, and it's actually rather reminiscent of the Fisker Karma, the last vehicle he designed.

According to Fisker's tweet, we can expect this EV to come with adaptive LED lights and both a radar emitter and a front-facing camera. Previously, Fisker promised that his forthcoming EV would come packed with some bit of proprietary technology that will give the vehicle exceptional range, although he has yet to expand on that claim. Unlike other automakers, which are splitting their focus between electricity and autonomy, Fisker has no desire to enter the realm of self-driving cars.

Fisker's last car, the Karma, was a plug-in hybrid that was ahead of its time. When the company's battery supplier issued two recalls and promptly went under, however, Fisker couldn't keep producing the cars. Fisker Automotive then filed for bankruptcy, selling its assets to Wangxiang, a Chinese parts supplier that rebooted the car under the Karma Automotive name. The Karma Revero should launch next year.