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Haynes car repair manuals go online

Auto repair manual printer Haynes moves to the digital age by making its top 50 manuals available online.

The company makes its 50 most popular repair manuals available as a digital subscription.

For over 50 years, Haynes has printed automotive repair manuals for just about every model available. Now the company is entering the digital age by putting its manuals online.

The digital manuals are available through subscription, at $19.99 per year or $24.99 for unlimited access Haynes promises the digital manuals contain all the information from the printed manuals, with the addition of color photos instead of black and white, and videos for some common procedures such as oil changes. The videos will not necessarily be specific to the car covered in the manual.

Haynes takes advantage of hyperlinking in the manuals, making it easy to get from the table of contents to specific sections or linking to descriptions of parts within a section. The manuals also link out to online auto parts stores.

Although Haynes has a huge catalog of repair manuals, its first digital foray only includes the 50 most popular manuals. Leading the list is the '99 to '06 Chevy Silverado pick-up. Other highlights of currently available digital manuals are the '96 to '00 Honda Civic, '94 to '04 Ford Mustang, and a general manual devoted to understanding the OBD-II port.

Long-time competitor Chilton has also entered the digital fray, putting its manuals online. The Chilton manuals use a similar subscription format, at $24.95 per year.

With the advent of online car repair manuals, expect plenty of greasy laptops and tablets.