Have a go on a Gogoro in new electric scooter-sharing scheme

200 of the stylish rechargeable scooters are available to rent on the streets of Berlin.

Moritz Thau

Next time you're out and about and tired of walking, how great would it be to hop on an electric scooter and take a tour of the city in style? That's the vision of a new scheme that's put 200 Gogoro Smartscooters on the streets of Berlin.

To take a ride, fire up an app on your phone, find the nearest scooter, unlock a helmet from the back of the bike and off you go -- at up to 45 kph (28 mph).

Anyone over 21 with a valid driving or motorcycle licence can rent a scooter for €3 for 30 minutes or €20 for a day. That's around £2.50, $3.40 or AU$4.40 for a short trip or £17, $22 or AU$30 for a whole day. Insurance is included.

Gogoro was founded by former HTC staff and is launching the Berlin rental scheme with Coup, a subsidiary of Bosch.

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