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Harman demonstrates next-gen navigation

At the 2011 Detroit auto show, Harman International showed video of a next-generation navigation system projected on a windshield.

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At the 2011 Detroit auto show, Harman International, supplier of infotainment systems for brands such as BMW, showed off a new navigational concept that uses the windshield for route guidance. The demonstration was shown on a small LCD that also portrayed a new rotational menu interface.

In the short video above, at 14 seconds and again at 28 seconds, you can see what the view out of the windshield would look like in a car equipped with this navigation system. At the very top of the windshield, a translucent line stretches out along the road. When the navigation system wants to indicate an upcoming turn, the line changes to arrows and curves over toward the actual road you should take.

Implementing such a system would require a head-up display projector that could show its image at the top of the windshield. With this concept, Harman was merely demonstrating a possibility--the company has not announced any customers for it yet.

At 9 seconds into the video there is also a brief glimpse of a rotational menu. This menu would appear on a car's main LCD, and uses large icons that rotate into focus as the driver turns a controller knob. Harman based this system on an Intel Atom processor, which offers a lot of computing power for a variety of infotainment functions.