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Harley-Davidson is teaching an entire town how to ride

It helps that the town has a population of about 85.

There's lucky, and then there's "Harley-Davidson wants to teach your whole town how to ride motorcycles" lucky.

On June 3, Harley-Davidson will show up in Ryder, North Dakota and offer every single resident the chance to learn how to ride a motorcycle. That might sound like an insurmountable task, but Ryder's population hovers around 85 people, so it shouldn't be too tough.

"And that, son, is how the legend of the Ryder Riders came to be."


That's not all the motorcycle manufacturer is doing. It's also refurbishing Ryder's water tower to mirror the design of the water tower that lives atop H-D's headquarters in Milwaukee. See, bikers aren't gruff and tough all the time -- they can warm the cockles of your ice-cold heart, too.

To help memorialize the event, Ryder will also be changing its name -- to Riders, North Dakota. That's quite the change for a town that's been kicking with the same name since 1906. And while it might have a "hail corporate" air to it, admit it -- if someone showed up in your town and offered to teach you how to ride for free, would you turn it down? 

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