Harley-Davidson pulls the plug on its operations in India, according to SEC filing

The brand did less than 5% of its business there, but it did produce some motorcycles for other world markets in Bawal.

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Harley-Davidson Layoffs

America's oldest continually operating motorcycle brand is tightening its belt around the world.

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is in one of those serious belt-tightening phases as it attempts to restructure its business in a way that it can once again turn a profit. According to an SEC filing from Wednesday, the latest casualty of this is the brand's presence in the Indian market.

Harley's Indian (not to be confused with Indian Motorcycles) business only accounted for around 5% of its business worldwide. The decision to pull out of that market will hopefully free up a bit of cash so the brand can focus more on profitable models in profitable markets.

Currently, Harley-Davidson manufactures its Street 750 small-displacement bike there for markets other than North America. It's unclear if the cessation of business there would mean that the Street 750 was being canceled outside the US, or if the US production facility in Missouri would pick up the slack.

We asked Harley for clarification, but it hadn't responded as of the time of publication.

Harley estimates that its total restructuring costs for 2020 will now hover somewhere around $169 million.

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