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Harley-Davidson first to include Android Auto with infotainment package

The smartphone mirroring tech will be built into Harley-Davidson's Boom GTS infotainment system.

Harley-Davidson Android Auto
Welcome aboard, Android Auto.

Android Auto, meet Harley-Davidson. The motorcycle maker said on Friday that going forward, all Touring, CVO and Trike model motorcycles will feature the smartphone mirroring tech. For owners of older models, some will even be compatible with a do-it-yourself update.

While H-D isn't the first motorcycle company to include Android Auto support, it is first to bundle it as part of an onboard infotainment system, which the company calls Boom Box GTS. It sort of makes H-D first since there's no fussing with non-factory parts. Boom Box GTS has already supported Apple CarPlay, though it requires an accessory headset.

With a wired connection, Android users will be able to access their favorite media, maps and interact with the Google Assistant -- just like drivers can with the system in a car. Riders use a 6.5-inch infotainment screen for motorcycles equipped with Boom Box GTS, and to ensure durability, Gorilla Glass covers the screen.

For shoppers mulling a new H-D motorcycle, Android Auto will be available on all 2021 Touring, CVO and Trike models equipped with the factory infotainment system. For those already riding a hog with Boom Box GTS equipped, H-D plans to push an update this summer to include Android Auto functions. A dealer can help, but H-D said owners can even do it themselves with a trusty USB.

Those without Boom Box GTS can order the system for 2014 and newer Touring, CVO and Trike models as an accessory. However, eligible models must have the previous Boom Box 6.5GT system already installed.

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