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Hardtops, drop-tops, trucks and EVs: Our week on Instagram

If you follow us on Instagram, I will personally drive to your house and thank you with chocolates. Just kidding, I'm far too lazy for that.

If there's ever a week when Carfection and Roadshow aren't busy with cars, please, call the police, because we've clearly been kidnapped. But for the time being, it's business as usual for both of our squads, as we check out new cars on various corners of the earth.

Over at Carfection, this week was all about British metal. The crew spent some time with two very special McLaren models, 675LT and the new 570GT, as well as the all-new Aston Martin V12 Vantage S -- with a manual, no less! Lucky sons of...

As for Roadshow, we kept plenty busy while also keeping ourselves a bit more down to Earth. Chris Paukert avoided derision this week by driving (and posting photos of) not one, but two new convertibles. Emme and the San Francisco crew got down and dirty with a Range Rover and an Audi TTS, Tim Stevens explored the Chevy Volt, and Jon Wong drove a giant Ram truck, which is hilarious if you know him, because he can fit in my pocket.