HappyRun Tank G60 Review: Budget-Friendly E-Bike With Mixed Performance

The G60 looks like a fast moped-style e-bike, and its top speed is over 30 mph. But speed isn't everything, and while the price is good, it requires some concessions.

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HappyRun Tank G60
7/10 CNET Score
$1,099 at HappyRun

The HappyRun Tank G60 is a compact, moped-style e-bike designed more for full-time throttle use and less for pedaling. Not that you can't pedal; it has three levels of assist paired with a seven-speed drivetrain. But since the seat height is fixed, the taller you are, the more difficult it is to get going and stay going without touching the throttle. That's typical for this bike style, but coupled with the G60's 75-pound weight (34 kilograms) and a less-than-peppy motor, getting the G60 rolling from a dead stop isn't easy. 

7.0/ 10

HappyRun Tank G60


  • Fun, bouncy ride
  • Powerful headlight, brake light, turn signals and horn
  • Big display
  • Key start/lock


  • Sluggish to start moving, going uphill
  • Heavy
  • Battery range tricky to gauge

Once the Tank G60 is moving, though, the e-bike turns into a speedy cruiser. Its design and features, including a powerful headlight, turn signals and a bouncy ride, make the Tank G60 an overall fun ride for getting around town mixed with some light offroad riding. Especially if you're smaller, lighter, and are mainly riding on level ground -- and if you're on a budget -- the $1,099 G60 is one of the more affordable options in the category with its features. 

HappyRun Tank G60 e-bike right side standing in a field with trees in the background.
Josh Goldman/CNET

How fast is the HappyRun Tank G60?

The G60 can reach speeds over 30 mph (48 kph). I'm 220 pounds (100 kilograms), and my speed on flat pavement maxed out at 28 mph with only the throttle. Add in some pedaling, and it doesn't take much to break 30 mph. It also helps to keep the battery fully charged to get the best performance. But, as I said earlier, the G60 is slow off the line, and trying to cross or pull into busy traffic is a gamble. 

A close up of the right handlebar and controls of the HappyRun Tank G60.

The right handlebar has a push-button gear shifter, twist throttle and a small green button for changing between the G60's three pedal-assist modes.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Also, your speed will nosedive as soon as you hit a hill. Some loss in speed is to be expected, of course, and again, a little bit of pedaling helps mitigate the slowdown. But seated pedaling becomes a chore on a long, gradual incline or steep hill, and the bike's weight does you no favors. If you'll be riding in a hilly area or regularly hauling extra weight, spending more on the Pro version of the Tank G60, which has a stronger motor and bigger battery, makes sense. 

The left handlebar of the HappyRun Tank G60 e-bike has a voltage display, key start and controls for the headlight, horn and turn signals.

The left handlebar of the HappyRun Tank G60 e-bike has a voltage display, key start and controls for the headlight, horn and turn signals.

Josh Goldman/CNET

My testing involved a mix of off-road and street riding, both flat and hilly. When riding off-road, I was on compacted dirt or grass; the Tank G60 doesn't have the torque for soft, loose sand. The battery range will vary greatly depending on terrain, rider weight, speed and assist level. HappyRun lists the range as up to 60-plus miles, but based on my use, which was mainly 100% throttle, it's closer to 20 miles.

Judging how much battery range is left is a pain, though. The main display and a secondary voltage display on the control panel on the left handle give you a guesstimate, but the amount can fluctuate wildly depending on your riding. 


Despite voltage and battery gauges on the handlebars, the battery's built-in meter was the easiest way to gauge the remaining range. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

I relied on the simple push-button gauge on the battery more often than not; it's easy to activate and read while seated on the bike. I recommend keeping the battery as charged as possible. Doing so gives you the best performance, and this is not a bike you want to get stuck pedaling without assistance. 

Good features and design for the money

The Tank G60 is regularly discounted to less than $1,000, notable for an e-bike category that regularly sees prices above $2,000. It might not have the quality or power of those pricier bikes, but HappyRun delivered enough features to make the G60 feel like a bargain. 


The display doesn't give you a ton of info, but it is big and bright.

Josh Goldman/CNET

For example, the bike requires a key to power it on and a key to unlock the battery from the frame. It has a big, bright headlight so you can see the road and oncoming traffic can see you. There's also a bright rear brake light and turn signals (though you'll have to remember to shut the signal off once you've turned). The display is large and easily read even in bright daylight. 

The front fork has shocks, and there is a single shock under the seat that gives you some bounce over rougher terrain. The seat is comfortable and long enough for me to sit back at its rear for a bit more leg extension. 

Close up of the HappyRun Tank G60 e-bike's seat and shock.

The single shock under the seat gives the ride a nice bounce.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The 20-inch fat tires are nice but nothing special. (The fact that HappyRun upgrades them for the Pro model leads me to believe they might not hold up over time.)

Should you get the HappyRun Tank G60?

Overall, the G60 is a capable moped-style e-bike with good features and performance for $1,099, but you should definitely get it on sale (it regularly is). It is a heavy bike, and the motor doesn't have the push needed to get up to speed in traffic quickly. Steep hills can be a challenge, too. The Tank G60 shines for cruising around town or short commutes on smooth roads or offroad paths.