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Happy 40th anniversary, Honda Accord!

It doesn't look a day over 29.

1982 Accord 3rd Generation
Honda, Wieck

Back in 1976, a plucky little three-door hatchback appeared on the market. It was called the Honda Accord. While it was praised at the time, people weren't exactly running around, saying the car would outlast entire brands. But it has, and now we're celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Over those four decades, Honda's sold some 12.7 million Accords. Since 1982, the company's been building them in the US, something no other Japanese company could claim at the time Honda opened its Marysville, Ohio facility. To date, the automaker's produced nearly 11 million vehicles in the US for global markets. No wonder it's one of the most American cars you can buy.

But it's not like the Accord's been soldiering on despite tepid reviews. If anything, the Accord's been one of the most solid cars to live this long. Car and Driver's included the Accord in its 10Best list a record 30 times, and while it might not be the most dynamically engaging car on the planet, we love it for its ability to be both fun and sensible, with the latest model earning Roadshow's praise for its dashboard tech.

Here's a fun fact for you: The original Accord's wheelbase was smaller than the current Honda Fit's. The cars you think are small today don't hold a candle to compacts from decades past.

Frankly, there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said by me, my colleagues and every other outlet on the planet. It's a damn good car, full stop, and its 40-year anniversary is a testament to that.

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